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The e-cigarette

There is not only the "e-cigarette" it is more of a comprehensive term for all hardware.

But where are the differences between POD Systems / Mech Mods and All-In-One Devices?

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The liquid

The steamer designates the liquid in your e-cigarette as liquid.

Liquids mostly consist of the same components, but customers also like to buy the components individually.

Who prefers bases and aroma shots and who prefers liquids?

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Basiswissen zu Liquids

The market

With 1.1 billion smokers worldwide, the number of potential e-cigarette users is huge.

The turnover and user numbers of the last 5 years are impressive and force established tobacco companies to rethink their strategy.

Besides the market offering a variety of opportunities for companies, there are many more users. According to first studies, especially actors in the healthcare sector could benefit extremely from the new technology.

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„Die E-Zigarette hat das Potenzial die Disruption der Tabakindustrie zu werden."

Goldmann Sachs / Equity Research Report

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