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Hall of vape or hall of disposables?

An assessment of the trade fair in Stuttgart.

The Stuttgart trade fair had reopened its doors to manufacturers, retailers and customers from the e-cigarette cosmos. The joyful reunion was a nice opportunity to meet old friends again and also to talk about new projects as well as the current market situation. Many exhibitors were excited to finally meet their customers again and also to cultivate contacts in person once more.

At this year's Hall of Vape, the trend of the last months was clearly recognizable - the disposables or so-called e-shishas. The trend had already strengthened in recent months in Germany and Europe, but it was again very surprising how large the range of new disposables is. Apparently, more and more manufacturers and retailers are focusing on this product category. After the Dubai Vape Show last September, the first companies started to register and place disposables in the German market. Due to the enormous success of ELFBAR, many manufacturers have also now introduced their own product at the show.

Disposables now seem to finally open the door to the mass market of smokers. With appealing displays and less need for sales advice, these products have hit the tobacco trade and also the convenience market. Sales figures in recent months have exceeded those of classic e-cigarettes or pod systems. In addition, the margins in this area are significantly more attractive than for classic products from the e-cigarette segment, where competition is more intense. For the industry, the disposables product category is undoubtedly a great opportunity to attract smokers to the lower-pollution alternative of e-cigarettes. On the other hand, this hype is also attracting shady companies that could harm the entire industry. On we had already pointed in December in our analysis to the chances and risks of Disposables in.

Unfortunately we had to determine that the majority of the products was unfortunately still deficient or also partly completely wrongly characterized. Fortunately, however, the Esslingen food monitoring department also showed a strong presence at the fair. The staff checked disposables in particular and took numerous samples. At this point, the authority really deserves a lot of praise, because a very good opportunity was taken here to check many manufacturers and to take samples at an early stage.

If you have any questions about the correct labeling of disposables or the registration of e-cigarettes in general, please contact us without obligation at:

In any case, the impressions of the trade fair in Stuttgart confirm that the industry is moving further and further in the direction of the convenience market and away from the classic business. The absence of some industry giants at the show could also be seen as a confirmation of the new priorities that have been set. In summary, there are now two important challenges coming up for the market:

1) It becomes the main task of the industry to market the disposable product in a serious way. Due to the new level of attention, it is very relevant to comply with the Protection of Minors Act, the Tobacco Products Act and the other relevant laws, so that there is no boomerang effect.

2) In the coming months, stores must try to guide the new users of disposables to more sustainable products, such as open-pod systems, through their competent advice.

What impact the tax has and will have, we will discuss in the next post.

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