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"We help retailers, distributors and manufacturers to become
more successful in the european e-cigarette and liquid market."

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The e-cigarette is on the rise. Is that good?

A new generation of lower-pollutant * alternatives is getting very popular.

App. 120,000 people in Germany die every year as a result of smoking.
That's about 330 a day.

Although the e-cigarette is controversial, studies show that it are up to 95% * less harmful. The potential for public health and cost savings in health care are considerable. The big tobacco companies understand this and radically change their strategy. Philip Morris International (PMI) caused a big stir in early 2018 when the company behind the well-known brand "Marlboro" advises smokers to stop OR to switch to low-emission alternatives. This reorientation will be particularly noticeable in the trade in the coming years, because more companies follow PMI.

However, the e-cigarette product world is more complex and diverse. Especially in the convenience area, this creates difficulties. Selecting the right liquids and e-cigarettes remains a particularly difficult task, especially for new entrants. A variety of mixing ratios, technical features, different customer needs and the simple marketability of the products are difficult to assess.

Nevertheless, the realignment is worthwhile. The margin is attractive and the market is in a rapid development. According to a survey * in 2018 there were about 3.7 million e-cigarette consumers. In view of the approximately 14 million smokers daily *, the market is still facing rapid growth.


assists your business in the complex european vape market. We design and implement your successful projects for growth and development.

E-Cig-Consulting teaches you valuable e-cigarette knowledge to perfectly understand the european distribution and customers. Our aim is to identify new potential for our clients. We want to contribute and ensure that manufacturers, dealers, institutions and other market participants take advantage of opportunities in the vape market.

Our personal goal is to reduce the amount of traditional smokers in the next years, by helping traders, manufacturers and retailers to implement e-cigarettes in their portfolio.


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